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Research & Development

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Pisciculture Monitoring and Control System (PiMoCtS)

The demand for fish has risen exponentially and traditional fishing hasn’t been able to meet this growing demand. This gave birth to Pisciculture in natural or artificial environments. These systems enable large quantity of fish to be grown at the same time. This requires sophisticated water quality control has to be carried out throughout the farming process. This Project gives emphasis to Pisciculture monitoring as well as automatic control.

Status    : Ongoing - Phase 2

Remark : Patent Pending


Waterproof Design

Safe and robust design adhering to all safety norms and standards.

3-Dimensional Expandability

Scalability for device population, sensors per device and control actions.

Image by Johnny Brown

Aqua Styre

Water Level controller with Safety features

Automated and Assisted water level controller for Home and Industrial use cases

Dry Run Protection

Overflow Protection

Over/ Under Voltage Protection

3 - Step Water Level Sensor (Tank)

3 - Step Water Level Sensor (Well)

Fully Automatic Mode

Manual Mode

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