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Electrical System Design & Estimation

We follow International Standards

We provide Electrical system design, estimation and costing services for both residential and commercial projects. These services are rendered by a team of experienced engineers  in tune with the updated design trends and the most advanced software. Our designs always incorporate advanced illumination design, building management systems, networking and communication systems, and building security systems and material selection in a budget oriented manner.

All our designs strictly adhere to all building codes, energy codes, electrical design certifications and all state and central government rules.

Services Offered:

Electrical system design, estimation and costing.

Energy modelling and building energy management.


Solar Power Systems

We Design and Undertake Solar Projects

We design and install both grid tied and off grid roof-top solar power projects ranging from 100 sq. ft  to 1500 sq. ft roof area to meet your custom load requirements using high quality panels with anodized Aluminium mounts and connections drawn by special all weather-resistant UV resistant cables with high durability and mechanical strength. We can also customize solar projects to be coupled with EV charging stations and home UPS and Inverter systems for residential projects. We also offer solar lighting solutions for homes and community lighting needs.

Services Offered: 

  • Roof top grid-tied solar.

  • Roof top off-grid solar.

  • Solar projects for homes.

  • Solar lighting solutions for community lighting such as perimeter lighting and street lighting.

Solar PS

HT & LT Erection Installation Testing and Commissioning

We offer Efficient Services

We undertake all types of services for Erection, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of HT/LT installations including AMC for both government & private sector. The services offered to our valuable clients are rendered by a team of skilled professionals in tune with the present industrial standards and adhere to all laws and regulations laid by the state and central government. 

Services Offered:

HT/LT erection, installation, testing & commissioning (Materials and manpower)


Home and Industrial Automation

Automation at Your Fingertips

We offer top of the line automation solutions developed on IoT framework and designed with the core concepts of people-orientation, optimization, and security, that are also combined with energy-saving and smart building concepts. We provide an integral building management platform to integrate all subsystems of the building and assure the timely availability of accurate data to make buildings more energy-saving and efficient, improve the user’s autonomy, and increase the comfort, convenience, and safety of buildings. In addition, we also provides the best building automation solutions for different vertical markets and usage scenarios, as well as one-stop customized services

At NORBERT HEWITT we believe in quality and work with only the best in class materials and systems to provide our valued clients with innovative, sustainable and high performance solutions to transform your dream project from concept to reality.


Services Offered: 

  • Full residential automation system with advanced autonomy features such as access control, smart surveillance etc.

  • Intelligent lighting solutions

  • Gate automation

  • Automation of security systems

  • integrated HVAC Solutions

HI Automation

EV Charging Solutions

Go Eco...Go Green

We at NORBERT HEWITT deliver energy efficient EV charging solutions including AC EV charger, DC Quick charger and charging infrastructure integration for all vehicles ranging from 2 wheelers to 4 wheelers. 

Our comprehensive EV charging solutions offer high power efficiency and can fulfil your various needs such as parking areas, workspaces, residential complexes, fleets etc.  We offer solutions for CCS Type 2 chargers on DC side and AC Type 2 chargers for AC side strictly adhering to govt norms and regulations.

Services Offered: 

EV Charging Solutions for 2/3/4 wheelers.


Home and Industrial Security System

Secure & Protect

We offer our services in installation and commissioning of Safety and security equipment ranging from CCTV Cameras, Burglar alarm, Fire detection and suppression systems, Smoke detectors and Gas leak detection. Our CCTV solutions include passive monitoring suited for construction sites, schools, roads, residential areas and small building complexes as well as live monitoring for big corporates, business ventures, hospitals, shopping outlets etc. We also offer all types of personalized security systems for residential and commercial needs.

Services Offered: 

  • CCTV surveillance system.

  • Burglar alarms.

  • Fire detection & suppression systems.

  • Gas leak detectors.

  • Smoke detectors.

HI Security S

Home UPS & Inverter Solutions

We offer Efficient Services

We offer installation and testing of home UPS and Inverters from industry leading companies with manufacturer warranty to meet your power backup requirements. We provide both inverter + battery combo as well as battery only orders along with all necessary additional wiring and mountings for first time installations. We also provide inverters with solar tied charging provisions.

Services Offered: 

Home UPS & Inverter installation.

HI UPS Solutions

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